nmrglue.analysis.lineshapes1d.sim_pvoigt_fwhm(x, x0, fwhm, eta)[source]

Simulate a Pseudo Voigt lineshape with unit height at the center.

Simulates discrete points of the continuous Pseudo Voigt profile with unit heigh at the center. Full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) of the Gaussian and Lorentzian distribution are used as the scale parameter as well as eta, the mixing factor.

Functional Form:

f(x; x0, fwhm, eta) = (1-eta) * G(x; x0, fwhm) + eta * L(x; x0, fwhm)


G(x; x0, fwhm) = exp( -(x-x0)^2 * 4 * ln(2) / (fwhm^2)) L(x; x0, fwhm) = (0.5 * fwhm)^2 / ((x-x0)^2 + (0.5 * fwhm)^2)
Parameters :

x : ndarray

Array of values at which to evalutate distribution.

x0 : float

Center of the distribution.

fwhm : float

Full-width at half-maximum of the Pseudo Voigt profile.

eta : float

Lorentzian/Gaussian mixing parameter.

Returns :

f : ndarray

Distribution evaluated at points in x.

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